Quick surveys are fast and efficient ways of obtaining numerical data which can be analysed and presented in usable formats – charts, graphs and tables.

Based on the objectives of the study, a questionnaire would be developed with input and approval from client, which would be used to elicit responses from respondents and analysed by the Analytics team for insights development necessary for business decisions or strategy.

This type of survey requires sample of a minimum of 30 respondents and would be completed in 10 days after which a report sent will be sent.

SEC is an abbreviation for Socio-Economic Class (SEC). It refers to the position an individual occupies on the social ladder using a combination of level of income, education, occupation, household durables. This allows us understand the peculiar characteristics of the target group and create identifiable criteria for respondents that are eligible for the research project.

Customer connect sessions are specialized group discussions or interviews that allow for in-depth understanding of actual or potential customers of a product or service. The sessions usually unearth patterns, attitude, perception and reactions of customers/consumers to any product/offering or service.

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Yes, it is possible to select a combination of research techniques (Focus Group Discussions, Customer Connect Sessions and Quick Surveys) for the same project. This allows for data triangulation and deeper insights.